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Your Health and Wellness Resources at UNF

While National Nutrition Month is all about celebrating sound eating and physical activity habits, we want to stress something that is equally as important: mental health!

This week, we are discussing all the health and wellness resources available to you at UNF to help keep both your mind and body in tip-top shape to finish the semester strong.

Counseling Center

UNF’s Counseling Center provides a

confidential, supportive environment for students to share their thoughts and concerns. The counselors help students work through psychological stress, build communication skills and self-esteem, and develop ways to achieve goals both inside and outside of school and careers. This is an awesome resource for anyone looking for someone to talk to, a way to de-stress, or to just work on being the best that they can be!

Speaking of de-stressing, did you know that the Counseling Center has a relaxation room? It’s a safe and quiet place on

campus that students, faculty, and staff alike can use to take a breather and calm their mind, body, and spirit. The relaxation room has a comfortable recliner, relaxing music, meditation cushions, and audio guided meditation activities to provide a break from the hustle and bustle of campus life. You can rent the room for 15, 30, or 60 minutes at a time. All you need is your UNF ID!

Learn more about the UNF Counseling Center and find self-help information here.

UNF Dining Dietitian

Have you met UNF’s very own dietitian?! If not, you should!

Yemila Lowry is a registered dietitian on campus who provides free nutrition counseling, education sessions, tours of dining locations on campus, food demonstrations, and the list goes on! Whether you are looking for brain-fueling foods to help you power through cram sessions, healthy choices around campus, or smart foods to keep in your dorm room, she has a wealth of knowledge to share on keeping your diet at its best on campus. You can also spot her around campus as she hosts fun National Nutrition Month events like Nutrition Trivia Night at the Boathouse and the Pick Your Own Salad Event at the Gardens!

You can contact Yemila through her email address or phone number listed on the Dining Services webpage- feel free to say hi! 👋

Student Health Services

Student Health Services, located in the Brooks College of Health, is UNF’s very own health clinic. They are available for appointments, consultations, referrals for specialist care, and even provide free flu shots! They can also do minor surgical exams for a small cost, and have a free Women’s Health Clinic for any questions about women’s health issues.

The great thing about Student Health

Services is that it’s not only convenient, but many of the services provided are already included in your tuition or available for a reduced cost. Who doesn’t love saving money and staying healthy while we’re at it!?

Learn more about UNF’s clinic here.

Recreation and Wellness Department From camps and clubs, Eco-Adventure to group fitness classes, and nutrition services to the Ogier Gardens, RecWell has your back! They are your go-to spot for all things health and wellness; they are responsible for providing free health education to students, overseeing the eco-friendly garden on campus, and are in charge of the Student Wellness Complex on campus. You might know it better as the gym!

Each of the three floors in the gym has

something different to offer, so we encourage you to swing by the Jamba Juice inside, grab a smoothie, and then have a look around! You could try a group fitness class like “Ab Attack” or Zumba with some friends, or wind down with a relaxing yoga session or a slow yoga flow. There’s a little something for everyone!

Have a burning health or wellness question?

On Thursday, March 12th, the Student Wellness Complex will be hosting an event where you can ask the campus dietitians any nutrition-related questions on your mind! Stop by anytime between 1 pm and 3 pm to ask questions, schedule a nutrition appointment, or learn about the services they offer. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to finally learn what the heck the keto diet is anyway!

Stay Healthy, Ospreys!

Written by: Katrina Agger, Senior Nutrition Writer

Edited by: Lora Chizmar, Senior Editor

For more information about meal plans or hours of operation, please visit dineoncampus.com/unf