• Casey Hemphill, Senior Writer; Savannah Fahey

National Nutrition Month!

Eat Right

It is absolutely your lucky day (month really) as National Nutrition Month is upon us again! National Nutrition Month is celebrated annually every March. The goal of National Nutrition Month is to bring light to just how important it is to make healthy, informed decisions when it come to your food. NNM also emphasizes developing healthy and mindful eating and physical activity habits in your personal life.

Our theme on campus for National Nutrition Month is Powered by Plants. There are many opportunities coming in March to learn more about the benefits of a plant based diet! A plant based diet is rich in delicious foods such as fruits, veggies, legumes/peas, nuts, and whole grains!

One of the most exciting events coming to you in March is “Pick Your Own Salad” on Friday, March 6th from 11am-1230pm! This is definitely a crowd favorite and we promise that you don’t want to miss it! Come out to Ogier gardens for a tour and the opportunity to LITERALLY pick your own salad and participate in UNF’s own version of “Chopped”! You will also have the opportunity to try some fresh, YUMMY salad dressings made right on campus! There will even be a tea display featuring herbs grown in the Ogier garden.

Some other events that you can partake in during National Nutrition Month include honey bees and beekeeping, a garden potluck, and camping on campus. Check out our flier for a full list of events and details.

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PSSSST- you can also learn about ways to win prizes throughout the month!



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