• Written by Casey Hemphill

Is there an alternative to caffeine?

We all love a tall cup of joe, but sometimes a caffeine fix just won’t cut it. As we gear up for finals, we will all be piling in to Starbucks and Outtakes to fuel up for our study sessions. We want our morning, afternoon, and (let’s be honest) evening pick-me-ups to leave us feeling fresh as we wade through this season.

Occasionally, the high amount of caffeine in your favorite coffee drink can cause the jitters and nervousness. Some people even have digestive issues and headaches related to caffeine consumption. A grande dark roast coffee from Starbucks has 260 mg of caffeine and a grande latte has 150mg of caffeine. It is suggested that about no more than 400mg of caffeine is a healthy amount for most adults.

Lucky for you, we have a few tricks up our sleeves for beverages that will boost our energy AND leave you feeling refreshed.

Matcha green tea is packed with antioxidants, while it still has caffeine (about 45 mg per scoop), it is a substantially lower amount and has extra benefits. Some research even suggests that green tea consumption can lower your risk for developing high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. Try a matcha latte, iced or hot, right at Starbucks on campus! And, don't forget about those delicious fruity refreshers! They are made with green tea extract (32 mg per serving) and water! Plus, they add fruit like strawberries and dragonfruit which are both loaded with antioxidants.

Infused water is another DEFINITE pick me up, staying hydrated is SO important during all of your late night studies and early morning exams. Infused water will hydrate you as well as give you a little vitamin boost. Lemon & Strawberry water is one of our #faves! Your immune system will love the vitamin C! Make sure to grab some at the Osprey Cafe since they always have a selection of infused water!

A smoothie is also a great option for packing in vitamins, antioxidants, and even water! Lucky for you, we have a great smoothie hotspot right on campus. Stop in to Jamba Juice and ask about adding protein for an extra boost, or even chia seeds!

Some other ideas are:

  • Look for an energy drink low in sugar and that uses ginseng rather than caffeine (or so much caffeine). Ginseng doesn’t have the side effects of coffee and will still perk you right up!

  • Herbal teas!! Especially mint or ginger will leave you feeling fresh, cozy, and ready to take on your meticulous note card writing.

  • Keep a stash of high energy snack handy. Apples and nuts are easy to take along. You want healthy fats, quality protein, and plenty of fiber to keep your brain focussed!

  • “Golden milk” made with tumeric, a spice that will light up your life and give you a nice dose of antioxidants (just spill it on that white sweater you adore!).

Finish this semester strong! Stay Healthy Ospreys.







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