• Written by Lauren Paradis; Edited by Lora Chizmar

GrubHub... On Campus?!

New semester = NEW way to order food on campus! If you’re like me, you barely have time to pack a snack or lunch before a full day on campus. Many of us are already feeling the pressures of the new semester, maybe even spending a lot of time at Club Lib already, trying to get a jump start on that mountain of homework. Manage your time better and skip the lines altogether at select locations on campus.

Luckily for us busy students (and we can't forget about our valued faculty and staff members), Tapingo and GrubHub have come together for a better online ordering experience on campus! There are currently four campus eating establishments that use GrubHub; Starbucks, Einstein's Bros Bagels, The Boathouse, and Chop’d & Wrap’d. Panda Express is working on becoming the fifth place on campus for GrubHub.

If you are a current Tapingo user, you’re in luck! All of your Tapingo money on your account will easily transfer over to GrubHub. Tapingo should be sending notifications to their account holders about making the change to GrubHub and they are encouraging students to make the switch over.

Pro-tip: they are also offering a few promotional deals for the switch!

If you haven’t already created an account, GrubHub makes the sign-up process effortless. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Download the GrubHub app

  2. Sign-in or create an account

  3. Located under ‘My GrubHub’

  4. You can login with Facebook, Google, and or create a new account

  5. Select your campus (University of North Florida)

Is it worth the download?

To work out the kinks for you all, I decided to put GrubHub to the test. Last Tuesday, on the second day of school, I ordered a coffee from Starbucks. I sat in the Chick-fil-a dining area while I placed my order, and once done, I began my walk over to Starbucks. Before I even reached the door, I received a notification saying my order was ready! Thanks to GrubHub, there were no lines and zero waiting for me that day!

Around midday last Wednesday, I used GrubHub for the second time, this time to order Chop’d & Wrap’d. My class had just finished, so I stayed behind and ordered my food on the app. I started to walk over and my order was ready within minutes! I walked past everyone to the cashier, asked for my wrap and the cashier grabbed it out of the fridge. It was quick, it was easy, and I was on my way with my delicious wrap in hand!

Ease, convenience, overall experience: 10/10. GrubHub is an app I highly recommend downloading onto your phone. For busy students like me, GrubHub save you time so you can fuel up without taking time away from your studies.

Don't wait around any longer, download the GrubHub App today!

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