• Emerald Casto

Welcome to JAMBA!

Your go-to place for smoothies on campus, formerly known as Jamba Juice, is now known as simply, JAMBA! Here is your all-inclusive guide to some of their new additions and top Osprey picks!

Our Top 5 Picks at Jamba are:

1. PB + Banana Protein Smoothie: offered under the list of “Power Smoothies!” This sweet treat is sure to fuel you up and help replenish you after your gym sesh! Packed full of whey protein and potassium, this smoothie will not leave you disappointed or feeling sluggish. This is currently the best-seller at Jamba.

2. Protein Berry Workout Smoothie: this refreshing and fulfilling smoothie has gone plant-based and can be found under their list of “Power Smoothies!” Jamba currently offers a whey protein option or a soy-based protein option for those wanting a veggie-based pick-me-up.

3. Acai Super Antioxidant Smoothie: this delicious treat (and one of our personal favorites) is another best-seller that is packed full of protein and vitamins to give you that needed zinc-boost! Whether you are trying to dose up on vitamins before exam week or simply trying to refuel after an intense cardio session, this smoothie is sure to satisfy your needs.

4. Acai Primo Smoothie Bowl: this smoothie bowl is one of their most popular bowls and is filled with delicious and healthful toppings including shredded coconut, fresh berries, banana slices, and organic granola! This bowl is an excellent way to fuel your day and crush those pesky exams! Plant-based options available!

5. Vanilla Blue Sky Smoothie Bowl (New): this plant-based sweetie was designed to deliver antioxidants, protein, and tons of potassium to get you through that morning workout! The protein powder used is soy-based protein, making this smoothie a great choice for veggie lovers. It appears the PB+ Banana Smoothie may have a runner up with the Vanilla Blue Sky Smoothie, so be sure to give it a shot!

What else does JAMBA! offer?

Meal swipes can be used at Jamba, so next time you stop by be sure to ask a Dining Services employee how to use them! Also, Jamba is offering incentives for downloading their app and becoming a member of Jamba Rewards. Join “my Jamba Rewards” to get $3 off your next smoothie!

Feeling extra hungry and near the gym? Fear not! Jamba offers both breakfast sandwiches and tasty baked goods. You can get anything from a roasted tomato, spinach and feta sandwich to a Belgian waffle inspired baked treat. Grab breakfast or a late afternoon snack on the go!

Juice shots are now available at Jamba for that pre- or post-workout cleanse. All their juice shots range from 15 to 25 Calories per shot and can help add a needed boost throughout the day. Their flavors include ginger lemon cayenne, ginger orange cayenne, and a wheatgrass shot.

Be sure to stop in Jamba to explore a wide variety of energy packed options!

Stay Healthy, Ospreys!

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