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The Perks of UNF Group Fitness

**We're taking a break this week from your normally-scheduled nutrition posts to talk

about another key component of wellness: exercise at UNF!**

Quiz of the day: Are you stressed? Want to workout but don’t know how? No motivation to go to the gym? Hate using the elliptical? Want to cross train? Bored? Need some social time? Want to get in shape? Up for trying something new? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, or even if you answered “no” to them all, keep reading!

Did you know UNF offers 22 different types of exercise classes? For FREE??? From spinning to yoga to barre to strength, there’s a format for every exercise preference.

Group fitness classes are completely FREE to current UNF students. In fact, you are technically paying for the classes as a part of the fees that accompany your tuition. All the more reason to take advantage. Faculty and staff are also more than welcome to take classes, as they are included in your gym membership.

All group fitness classes are located in the Student Wellness Complex (SWC), also known as the UNF gym. Turn left after the member services desk and continue to walk down the hallway past the locker rooms until you reach the end of the hall. The room to your left is the spinning studio, where all spin classes are held. The room directly in front of you is the Large Fitness Studio, where most all other classes are held. The exceptions are Crossprey Fit and Playground, which are held on the second floor of the SWC.

▪ NEW CLASSES THIS SUMMER: Ever wanted to try Tai Chi? Check out the new Tai Chi classes, taught by Nick. There are two new strength formats, Lower Body Blast and Upper Body Blast, each just 30 minutes of hard work, taught by yours truly. 😉 Kim is teaching Choreographed Conditioning, which is a beat-based, full-body workout.

▪ OLDIES BUT GOLDIES: The gold standards of group fitness- Spin, Yoga, and Zumba- are offered multiple times throughout the week. Some unique UNF favorites like Buns & Guns, Hip Hop Fitness, Tabata, and Barre Burn are also still being offered this summer!

▪ HIGH-INTENSITY SEEKERS: For those of you who want to try a more intense class, check out Tabata, HIT Training, Spin, and Crossprey Fit. Come prepared to sweat!

▪ LOVE YOGA? There are six different yoga formats being offered this summer! Mixed Level Yoga is your standard yoga class. Then there is Power Yoga, Relaxing Yoga, Yoga Burn, Yoga Mix, and Yogalates, in case you just can’t get enough yoga in your week.

The group fitness instructors are a bunch of creative, motivational, and well-trained individuals who will simultaneously kick your butt in a class while convincing you that exercise actually can be fun. The instructors tailor each class so that all fitness levels will be welcome and feel challenged, from novices to athletes.

The schedule and class descriptions are on the UNF SWC website. Just Google “UNF Group Fitness,” and the page will pop right up! Heads up: keep an eye out for some fun, themed classes during the first week of Summer B.

Stress relief, comradery, motivation, exercise instruction, and- dare I say- fun, are just a handful of the many benefits of group fitness. What are you waiting for?


P.S. Now that you’ve read my article, want to come take my classes and meet the author? This summer, I’m teaching Barre Burn, HIT Training, Lower Body Blast, Upper Body Blast, and Ab Attack. Hope to see you there!

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