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Morning Fuel? 5 Overlooked Breakfast Spots on Campus

Breakfast: Is it the most important meal of the day?

For many of us it isn’t really a question whether or not we eat breakfast before leaving the house, but for some it may be the most overlooked meal of the day. Eating a light, but balanced meal first thing really helps us jump-start our metabolism for the day. Some studies even say it can help to reduce our “bad” or LDL cholesterol, can improve memory and cognitive function, and can even help to regulate our blood glucose levels. [1] Skipping our morning fuel may cause us to get so hungry by lunch that we fill up on fast, high calorie foods which may bring on that oh-so-dreaded afternoon crash.

When we first wake up our body is ready for plenty of fluids and a balanced meal with protein and healthy carbohydrates like granola, oatmeal, or whole wheat toast. Fruit is an excellent way of jazzing up that boring cup of yogurt or bowl of cereal and gives us nutrients and fiber first thing in the morning. Don’t forget your banana for an extra potassium boost! You can also add some peanut butter for a protein-packed, quick breakfast on the run. Eggs are also an excellent option as they provide us with a complete protein and healthy fats to get our noggins jogging!

On-Campus Breakfast Options

Alright, you’re convinced breakfast is important. Great! Now, where to acquire said brain fuel? Everyone thinks of the usual breakfast spots on campus, like Starbucks, Einstein Bagels, and of course, the Osprey Cafe. While these places are great options, check out the hours chart below! There are a handful of options open early enough for breakfast in the morning. Eating at an “overlooked” location will not only give you some fresh variation to shake up your mornings, but the lines might be shorter too, giving you more time to enjoy that oh-so-important meal.

When it comes to eating breakfast on campus, there’s an overlooked place for every occasion:

For the hectic mornings when you’re running late to class:

Grab something to go at Outtakes! There are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. In the refrigerators: individual yogurts, fruit containers, breakfast burritos, and single-serving milks and juices. In the heater: hot food from the cafe such as egg and sausage breakfast sandwiches. On the shelves: single-portion cereal and oatmeal containers, perfect to be paired with single-serving milks. On the counter: the essential coffee, but also bagels and cream cheese. Decisions, decisions.

For the motivated mornings when you actually go to the gym first-thing:

Jamba Juice offers a wide variety nutrition-packed smoothies and smoothie bowls. You can start your day off strong with vitamins and minerals from all the fresh fruit added to their products, or even opt to add in some protein powder or nut butter to make it a more well-rounded meal. But did you know they ALSO serve warm, savory oatmeal, breakfast wraps, and breakfast sandwiches? Perfect for pumping up the morning nutrition on these chilly mornings when you're not in the mood for a cold smoothie.

For the lazy mornings when you don’t want to leave your dorm:

Just head down to Ozzie’s in your sweats! No need to go all the way to the Cafe to get some of your breakfast favorites. For the something sweet, Ozzie’s offers regular, blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes. They also offer French toast for when you’re feeling fancy. There are more protein-rich options too that feature eggs, cheese, or breakfast meat, like a breakfast sandwich, chicken biscuit, and breakfast burrito. Fiber opportunity: choose whole wheat toast when ordering the breakfast platter or add both offered vegetable mix-ins to the build-your-own omelet.

For those last-minute mornings when you just want to “Eat More Chicken”:

If you are heading to the library for an early morning study sesh or simply on your way to class, stop in for a quick and tasty breakfast at Chick-fil-A located inside Building 8. They have a wide variety of options including chicken minis, chicken-egg-and-cheese bagels, or even a sausage-egg-and-cheese biscuit. Don’t forget to pair your breakfast minis or sammy with fresh fruit and juice for a healthier option on the run! The staff is always welcoming and there is a nice nook just on the other side of the restaurant that offers plenty of room for group studying, chatting with friends, or just enjoying a meal by yourself. Next time you’re near the Library, Founders Hall, or the Biology building be sure to stop by for a tasty breakfast than can offer a jump-start to get through your day!

For the fun mornings when you want to mix things up:

Live in the Osprey Commons or Osprey Cove? Have no fear, there is a Pita Pit conveniently located right inside the Osprey Clubhouse, Building 17. Pita Pit offers much more than just lunch items and is open daily at 9am. They offer coffee, juice options, and breakfast pitas with eggs, cheese, bacon and a side of crispy hash browns. This is a sure way to receive your carbs, protein, and dairy in one meal. Add an apple or a banana for some color! And don’t be afraid to fill your freshly baked breakfast pita with delicious veggies like fresh spinach, sliced tomatoes, and feta cheese for a lighter option that is both tasty and packed full of nutrients.

With finals approaching we hope this blog post can help provide you with some healthy tips for grabbing breakfast on the run and for trying out a new breakfast spot on campus!

Here’s to healthy and happy eating Ospreys!


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