• Ashley O'Grady, Junior Writer

An Osprey's Starbucks Drink Guide

With the start of the New Year, you may have healthier goals in mind for yourself. Many of us stop by the local Starbucks everyday to get a cup of our favorite coffee beverage however, you may not be aware of how many calories, simple carbs and added sugars are hiding in your usual Starbucks order! Here is a quick Osprey Starbucks drink guide to help you reach your 2019 goals.

☕️Get your drink "made skinny" when available. Many common drinks, such as an iced vanilla latte, are hiding a staggering calorie and sugar count and can be easily made skinny. Your barista will sub sugar-free flavored syrup and use a lower fat milk, such as skim or 2%. Just by making your drink skinny you can cut a significant amount of calories and sugar in your daily drink. You can also cut the amount of syrup pumps to half the usual amount in your drinks. For example, a venti iced coffee will normally be made with 6 pumps of syrup however, requesting it to be made with 3 pumps instead will quickly reduce the amount of sugar in your drink.

☕️Another way to make your Starbucks drink order a healthier option is to opt for a smaller sized drink. A venti latte drink can have up to about 400 calories hiding within! Reducing the size of the drink to a grande, or even a tall, can easily make the drink a much healthier option.

☕️With the increasing awareness in a vegan trend across the country, the prevalence of non-dairy milks is increasing across all Starbucks locations. An easy way to make your drink a healthier option is to consider non-dairy milk alternatives, especially coconut and almond milks as they are lower in fat, calories, and sugar than their soy milk counterpart.

☕️Stick to the basics: cold brew, black coffee, and americanos. By ordering the most basic form of coffee there is, you can consume a drink with close to no calories, added sugar, and saturated fat. For example, a grande blonde roast coffee without cream and sugar has only 5 calories, and a black americano only has 15 calories! This is a quick and easy way to consume a much healthier Starbucks drink.

☕️Don’t be afraid to ask your barista for help on making a healthier beverage! All baristas at Starbucks will be happy to help you in reducing the calories, sugar, and fat content of your favorite Starbucks drink. Who knows, they might have a healthy secret menu recipe they are dying to share with an eager student!

Next time you find yourself stopping by the local Starbucks on campus, try to stick to these guidelines to help keep your drink healthy and delicious! As always, Stay Healthy Ospreys!

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