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BONUS POST: Friendsgiving!

I don’t know about you, but it’s my favorite time of the year again: Turkey Day! AKA Thanksgiving. 😉

As a college student, I love and appreciate a home cooked meal. I mean, who doesn’t long for the comfort of Thanksgiving turkey, gravy and all the fixins’?!

The holidays and its heavenly food are what brings us together and is traditionally a time for us to gather with close friends and family. What about creating new relationships or making new friends on Thanksgiving? That's what UNF Dining Services aimed to do at their Friendsgiving event at the Osprey Café, which was held on Thursday, November 15th. Friendsgiving was served family-style and emphasized a time to give thanks while building a community among new friends.

Dining Services offered guests a sit-down plated lunch with the basic table settings and featured all your holiday favorites like baked ham, turkey with gravy, stuffing, green beans, and homemade cranberry relish (yum!). Additionally, there were fun nutritional novelties such as vegetable pot pie, roasted beets and acorn squash with steamed carrots that were to die for! And, don’t forget pumpkin pie with whipped cream and a hot chocolate bar for dessert. The best part was that it was open to the entire UNF community and anyone was welcome to join and grab a seat.

The gathering was unique because it gave students and other visitors the opportunity to pull up a chair and chat with peers. It was gratifying to be able to spark up conversation with strangers and have a sense of family at our very own dining hall, the Osprey Café. We often think about Thanksgiving as a day where we can reconnect with all our existing networks, but it can also be a time to establish new friendships and build a community right here at UNF. I'm already looking forward to this again next year!

As always, stay healthy Ospreys and Happy Thanksgiving.

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