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Looking for Something New? Check Out These Deals!

We are officially back to the grind! I hope everyone had a great summer and first week back. I know you're probably getting used to classes and new schedules but have you checked out what we've got goin' on as far as deals for eating on campus? Check it out! Here is the dining services website where you can cruise around, check out menus for different dining areas we offer, and find out out our hours of operation. Under the menu& locations tab you can find out all the awesome deals we have going on to get the best bang for your buck.

So, what’s new on campus? If you're a UNF native, you might have noticed a difference at the Student Union West location. Starting with Slice Pizzeria, they are now open and ready for business! Slice is UNF's new dining concept where you can order pizza by the slice, the whole pie, or other Italian favorites like garlic knots. Having a study party in your dorm room with your classmates? Stop by Slice and order some pizza to bring back with your favorite toppings for a study break. It's super easy! Just call (904) 620-3014 to preorder and pick it up hot and ready at student union. You can conveniently pay over the phone or when you go to pick it up. Their hours are 10:30AM- 5PM on Monday through Thursday (closed Friday-Sunday) during the Fall Semester.

Craving some Chinese? Another great addition to the UNF dining experience is Panda Express. It will open the beginning of September and we are all excited about it! And, rumor is that the FIRST 25 people in line will receive a free meal and the first 50 will get a cute Panda plush toy, but you'll have to be there opening day to find out! It's located next to Einstein Bagels in the Student Union food court and will offer typical Chinese dishes as well as more health-minded Wok Smart selections.

Einstein Bagels is another favorite stop in the student union for great lunch specials. The turkey club is a fan favorite! I know it can be hard to plan food around your class schedule but don't sweat it because Einstein's has your breakfast and/or lunch covered. They have a different deal each day so be sure to check it out. Bonus: are you craving something sweet? During the Fall semester they have a new combo deal where you can add a cookie for just $1.00. Chocolate chip please! But, naturally your dietitian will always recommend reaching for the fruit. 😉

Outtakes is the quickest and most convenient way to grab some snacks or sandwiches on the go. They also have a deal where you can create a combo with a small Life water and a bag of chips for just $2.99 with the purchase of an entrée. Need to hydrate? Maybe you need a pick-me-up? If you go to Outtakes and grab a bottle of water, you can also add a cup of coffee for just $1.50. Make sure to look for the Healthy Osprey Icon which will feature salads, sandwiches, and snacks. And, did you know that there are two Outtakes locations? One is across from the Student Union food court and the other one is next to Building 8.

Have a little bit more time on your hands between classes? Stop by the Boathouse and check out their new menu. They are located on the second floor of the Student Union, Building 58. They offer a variety of different things to grub on such as freshly made salads, burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. Another awesome feature Boathouse has is the option to build your own burrito or bowl! Just choose your protein (they also have tempeh as a vegan/vegetarian option) and it comes with all the fixin's. Another cool perk: they have different events and specials each day, check them out!

Hot and sweaty? Or maybe you had a tough workout? Stop by Jamba Juice and grab the new Watermelon Gummy. This smoothie packs a punch of great nutrition with the addition of greek yogurt for some protein, strawberries and honey for some sweetness, and a red veggie juice blend for some high quality nutrients and fiber. Not to mention, the 'gummy' part of this smoothie is from the addition of a secret ingredient: chia seed pudding! Chia seeds pack a ton of nutrients and are a great superfood to add into your diet. Never had 'em? Try them at Jamba! This smoothie would be a great snack as well as a great addition of healthy anti-inflammatory fats from the chia seeds to combat that post workout soreness. They have many other flavors and healthy options to choose from as well. Just keep a look out for that Healthy Osprey blue seal of approval! 😉

Up late studying? Or maybe you worked the closing shift? No worries, Pita Pit and Ozzie’s café are open until 3am every night (or should I say morning?) of the week!

As you can see whether you are new to campus or have been here a while, we have a lot of new and exciting options for dining options as well as great deals for this semester. Don't pass them up!

Stay healthy Ospreys! 🍏

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For more information about meal plans or hours of operation, please visit dineoncampus.com/unf