• Jessica Sims, Senior Writer; Alice Sanchez, Editor

Vacay the Healthy Way!

We hope you are having an awesome summer Ospreys! We know you all have been working hard at those summer classes and need a stress relief. You’re probably planning a trip to the beach or even to a theme park for a weekend getaway in between semesters. Did you know that you can bring your own healthy snacks on your vacay to keep you fueled? I sure didn’t either until I started doing the research on the rules of bringing your own food. Break out the Tupperware and get ready for some great tips on bringing your own food with you on your getaway!

Let’s face it, we are in Florida and there are many beaches to head to. I could name at least a dozen, but I’ll leave the beach destination to you. Whether the beach is close or far, a cooler stocked with some cold drinks and healthy snacks are all you need. Make sure to bring lots of bags filled with ice or ice packs to keep your food chilled. If you plan on fishing, maybe you can even catch dinner fresh!

If you’re spending a day at the water park, find yourself a picnic table outside with some hummus and veggies if you are on that good old college budget. If packing lunch is not your thing, most water parks have healthy food options on their menu including fresh garden salads, wraps, and grilled chicken sandwiches available.

If you are a history buff, downtown St. Augustine is a great place to walk around and take in some local history. The hill by Castillo De San Marcos Fort is a great place to have a picnic with some friends. Bring a blanket, some sandwiches, and some fresh produce for a balanced meal. If you want the full St. Augustine experience and want a sit-down meal, there are restaurants galore on St. Georges Street. The Chianti room located in the back of Pizza Alley is by far my favorite place to eat and reasonably priced.

If you are taking a long weekend trip to a theme park, such as Universal Studios or Disney World, you may not be able to bring your food inside the park. You can bring a backpack with some water bottles and small snacks that don’t need to be heated or chilled. Some great choices include nuts, dried fruit, or maybe even some homemade granola. You can also check the theme park website to see what healthy options they may have at their dining venues. Most parks have plenty of healthy options such as salads or grilled items.

We hope these tips help your magical getaway be a little easier and a little healthier.

Stay Healthy Ospreys!

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