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Healthy Options at Ozzie's

Isn’t it frustrating when you forget your lunch in the fridge because you were in a rush to get to class? No worries! There are plenty of delicious and healthy options on campus. The last time I forgot my lunch, Ozzie’s was a life saver! Ozzie’s is located on the first floor of the Osprey Fountains, Building 55.

Options at Ozzie's

They offer a wide variety of delicious foods including a made-to-order grille menu and a convenience market that offers grab-and-go sandwiches and salads (snacks too, of course!). They also have hot and cold drinks you can grab if you're thirsty. Not only is this a great place to grab a meal but it is also a great place to grab small grocery items and snacks if you don’t want to venture off campus. My favorite part about Ozzie’s? They offer breakfast all day! I don’t know about you, but I love ‘brinner’ (breakfast for dinner). Give me a veggie omelet, please with some whole wheat toast and I am good to go.

Grillin' at Ozzie's

Like I mentioned before, Ozzie’s offers a lot of different foods and healthy options. One of my favorite things to order is the grilled chicken sandwich. It’s easy and simple while packing in a ton of lean protein to keep me satisfied and get me through my long classes. They also offer vegetarian options, like the delicious veggie burger. Since everything is made to order, just tell them what you want on it… lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard? Sure!

Ozzie's After Dark

Do you have a late-night class or work later in the day and often don’t feel like going home to make anything to eat? Don’t sweat it. Ozzie’s is open from 3:00 PM -10:00 PM Monday-Friday during Summer B 2018. For more hours throughout the year check out our website.

Make the most of your summer and head to Ozzie's for healthy options!

Stay Healthy, Ospreys!

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For more information about meal plans or hours of operation, please visit dineoncampus.com/unf