• Rachel Mariano

Hydrating Foods

With spring break and the hot summer months right around the corner, hydration and drinking plenty of water is important to stay healthy and be full of energy. It is even more important to stay hydrated those long longer, summer days! While drinking lots of water is great way to stay hydrated, there are several foods that are loaded with water and can greatly influence your hydration levels. Here are some examples of hydrating foods to nosh on to stay hydrated during the hot weather and beach days!


Cucumbers are 96.7% water making it the highest water content of any solid food. It is perfect for salads and a refreshing afternoon snack!

Iceberg Lettuce ​

Iceberg lettuce often gets bad reputation because it doesn’t have quite as many vitamins and fiber as other types of lettuce. It has 95.6% water content and is a great way to add some extra water to your salad, sandwiches, or even use it in place of tortillas or hamburger buns!


Watermelon is my favorite go to snack during a hot a summer day. It works for when I am in class, at the beach, or at a backyard cookout. As its name suggests, it is packed full of sweet water with 91.5% water content. Not only is it great to eat by itself. but also is a great addition to a pitcher of water and summertime salads.

All of these foods have water content greater than 90%. They can be extremely quenching and refreshing next time you find yourself hungry or tired during a hot Florida afternoon. Lots of these foods are found in the Osprey Café's salad bar, Outtakes, and Chop'd & Wrap'd where you can not only load up on nutrients, but also get plenty of water without having to drink a ton.

Stay hydrated, Ospreys and, Happy Spring Break!

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