• Written by Haley Dixon, Co-Editor

The Healthy Osprey Icon

The Healthy Osprey Icon

We have some exciting news for you, fellow Ospreys! UNF has introduced a new decal called the “Healthy Osprey Icon” and this new decal will make eating healthy on campus that much easier and exciting!

The Healthy Osprey Icon was developed in partnership with the Department of Recreation and Wellness as part of an initiative, Partnership for a Healthier America. This icon represents a healthy meal or snack at any of the dining locations here on campus. If you’re on campus, in the mood for some food, and unsure what’s the best option, look for the Healthy Osprey Icon. This is to guide the students, faculty and staff towards more health-conscious decisions when it comes to their food. The icon comes with specific criteria, developed by the registered dietitian from UNF Dining Services. This makes it extra special and nutritious!

This icon identifies some of the best meal options we offer at the Osprey Café and around campus because they provide a balance of nutrients to portion size.

Each meal must not exceed the following nutritional values per serving: Calories: 500 Fat: 15g Saturated Fat: 5g Sodium: 800mg

In addition, the meal must have a source of protein, whole grain and fruit or vegetable. Perfect for fueling your mind and body between classes.

Want to know how the icon will be used? Here are some examples at our dining locations:

  • Chop’d and Wrap’d: The Good Fuel Salad and the G.O.A.T salad/wrap.

  • Jamba Juice: The Secret Lovers Smoothie

  • Upcoming specials include Spring Pitaya Bowl at Jamba Juice, Healthy Osprey Refresher at Starbucks, and a Veg Gone Wild Wrap at Chop’d and Wrap’d, all featured during National Nutrition Month.

Make sure to look for the icon around campus to see what’s healthy and nutritious to munch on. With the implementation of the Healthy Osprey Icon, we hope that the healthy choice now becomes the easy choice!

Stay healthy, Ospreys!

-Haley Dixon, Co-Editor

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For more information about meal plans or hours of operation, please visit dineoncampus.com/unf