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Healthy Eating on Campus

What is Healthy on Campus?

Do you ever feel so stressed that you don’t know where to start, when it comes to eating well? It can be difficult to juggle deadlines, work, assignments, and all the other responsibilities that make up college life. One of the first things that takes a hit is healthy eating. It can be easy to forget that what we put in our bodies matters and can impact the way we think, act, feel, and learn. Luckily, UNF Dining Services is making it easier to create quick, easy dishes appealing to students. A variety of options are available, whether you are a protein-lover, vegan, vegetarian, or just need something quick before class.

Yemila Lowry, UNF Dining Services' Registered Dietitian, offers her advice for students trying to eat healthier on campus, "When it comes to eating healthy, you have to make a conscious effort with what you put in your body. So I always encourage my students to start with veggies. Vegetables should always be a focal point of your dish, followed by a source of protein and a whole grain. You can easily do this with a meal, smoothie, or wrap. Follow those rules around campus to ensure you are getting a well balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."

Take Control- Build Your Own!

The Osprey Café, located in Building 16 Osprey Commons, offers a diverse menu that includes seasonal fruits and veggies, hot grill items, and a section called “The Kitchen” which features homestyle meal options. You can mix and match to your heart’s content and build your own balanced plate. The Café offers fresh, seasonal ingredients at the salad bar, so you may notice some variation throughout the year.

Other dining locations offer opportunities for creativity while eating healthy as well. At Jamba Juice, try sprucing your smoothie up with some veggies, grains, or some protein for an extra boost! Starbucks also has some great protein-filled snack packs.

Try creating your own wrap at Chop'd & Wrapped where you can fill your salad or wrap with all your favorite veggies; the more colorful, the better!

If you are in a rush, swing by Outtakes, where they have several grab-and-go wraps, sandwiches, and snack packs.

At Pita Pit, you can stuff your pita full of delicious veggies and various protein options like grilled chicken or hummus.

Build your own salad or Mexican-inspired bowl at Chik-n-Grill. Try brown rice instead of white, black beans instead of refried, and add guac to increase the nutritional value of your meal!

The Boathouse, Einstein Bros Bagels and Chic-Fil-A have some great whole-grain and veggie-filled options. Try to go for colorful sandwiches and salads, and choose fruit as your side to ensure your meal is balanced.

Nutrient Information

You can check out the selections for the various dining locations on the UNF dining services website. From the homepage, click Menus and Location, then select, "What's on the Menu?" If you want to see the nutritional content in items, just hover over the item you want and you will see a breakdown of all the major nutrient values. Icons are also placed by items that are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or a good source of nutrients.

Explore today’s menu https://www.dineoncampus.com/unf/whats-on-the-menu

Meet with a Dietitian

If you would like to schedule an appointment with UNF Dining Service's Registered Dietitian Yemila Lowry, go to the UNF Dining Services Website, hover over the Wellness and Sustainability tab and select "Schedule an Appointment." You can then select the type of consultation you would like to have, whether you need a general healthy eating consultation, follow-up appointment, weight management consultation, or even sports nutrition counseling. These services are available to all UNF students and are a resource for students to learn more about how to optimize their nutrition and improve their lifestyle.

Schedule an appointment with Yemila Lowry https://www.dineoncampus.com/unf/meet-our-registered-dietitian

Advice on Eating Healthy

Interview with Jackie Heller, UNF Dining Services Assistant Director of Marketing

Malarie: What is your favorite thing to order in the Café?

Jackie: Going to the salad bar and getting my five colors, then getting some grilled chicken from the grill. I like including a whole grain like quinoa and brown rice all the time. I have lunch with Yemila all the time and she is super helpful. We love her and she teaches us a lot!

Malarie: What advice do you have for students eating on campus?

Jackie: If you are not sure about allergies or ingredients, just ask. That is our policy. All of our employees are knowledgeable about what they are serving and if they do not know, they can find out.

Helpful Links and Resources

Explore UNF Dining Services- https://dineoncampus.com/unf

UNF Dining Locations and Map- https://dineoncampus.com/unf/dining-locations--map

Nutrition Resources from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics- http://www.eatright.org


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