December 2, 2019

We all love a tall cup of joe, but sometimes a caffeine fix just won’t cut it. We have a few tricks up our sleeves for beverages that will boost our energy.

It’s Midterm season y’all! UNF boasts many breakfast options all over campus, such as the Osprey Cafe, Einsteins Bagels, Jamba, Starbucks, and Outtakes

Finals are right around the corner! It is super important to make sure you’re rested and #fueled so you can finish your semester STRONG!

It’s that time of year again- finals week! But not to worry, the UNF Osprey café has your back, providing you with plenty of foods to fuel your brain...

Exams are quickly approaching and finding caffeine on campus is a necessity! But you're in luck, UNF has so many locations for your caffeine fix.

Final exams week is fast approaching which means you will need as much brain power as possible to combat the hours upon hours of studying.

Hello Ospreys! It is about that time of year when projects, papers, and assignments start piling up. So, reach for a healthier pick me up at Outtakes!

Final exams are approaching...YAY (not!) We all know when we're stressed we don't grab the healthiest meals or snacks on campus. {read more}

With final exams around the corner, it is time to take any measure to boost our memory and performance. What should we turn to? Why food, of course! 

Certain foods have been proven to have many benefits for brain performance, cognition, and memory. All important factors in acing our exams! In ad...

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