We all love eating our favorite holiday treats, but we are often afraid of the common five-pound holiday weight gain. It hurts having to choose between the tasty pumpkin pie and our favorite pair of jeans. But do we really need to choose? Can we have our pie and eat it too? YES, we can!

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DINING OUT and EATING ON CAMPUS: DYK that one third of your calories eaten are from foods prepared away from home?

It’s Midterm season y’all! UNF boasts many breakfast options all over campus, such as the Osprey Cafe, Einsteins Bagels, Jamba, Starbucks, and Outtakes

What is 'Good' Mental Health? The National Institute of Health states that poor appetite, craving sweet foods, and skipping meals are all linked to depression.

You might ask: why shop at a farmers market when Publix is around the corner? Well, local food is typically fresher, seasonal, and tastes better because it is usually sold within 24 hours of being picked. If you buy produce from grocery stores, it may have been shipped from out of state or kept...

September 18, 2019

How do you make a burger healthier? Tastier? More appetizing? How do you make a better salad more balanced? Or appealing? Find out more!

New to dorm life? Intimidated by the kitchen space (or lack thereof)? Even if you have limited meal swipes at the Osprey Cafe or just don’t have the time to walk to it (Osprey Crossings residents- you know what I’m talking about), there are ways to avoid a ramen noodle diet.

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With our focus on Nutrition Month this March, let’s tackle a pertinent question: how exactly do we make sure to eat nutritionally balanced meals every time?

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